June 25, 2019 keith

Power Test Equipment


Battery Test Equipment


Batteries have become a critical component in systems installed in power plants, telecommunication facilities, industrial applications, etc. and their failure might have catastrophic effects. 

Therefore, battery systems need to be rigorously tested to verify their state of charge and health, so as to prevent undesired shutdowns or even potential danger to human lives.

We supply a range of Battery Test Equipment from DV Power covering Battery Load Units, Voltage Recorders, Voltage Supervisors, Chargers and Resistance Testers in order to perform voltage, capacity, temperature and internal resistance measurements.

Transformer Test Equipment


We provide a portfolio of portable Transformer Test Equipment from DV Power. They facilitate the measurement of winding resistance, turns ratio, excitation current, phase angle, demagnetisation status, transformer vector group, etc.

In addition to this range of test equipment, we also supply on-load analysis of Tap Changers, in order to assist in the identification of problems and also to carry out condition assessment.

Circuit Breaker Test Equipment


We supply DV Power’s range of latest generation test equipment for evaluating the condition of medium and high voltage circuit breakers.

These are either stand-alone or PC-controlled instruments, allowing the measurements of a range of parameters such as contact and dynamic resistance, coil resistance, minimum trip voltage, under voltage release, timing and synchronisation, motion and velocity, etc.

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