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Reliable and economical generation and distribution of electrical power has become an essential requirement of developed economies. We provide a number of products and services aimed at supporting power generation and distribution to utilities and firms operating their own power systems.

Pressure Gauges

Power Equipment Condition Assessment

In collaboration with TJH2b Analytical Services, we offer diagnostic testing of oil, gas and other insulating materials used in transformers, circuit breakers and tap-changers.

This service is specifically aimed at providing condition-based maintenance assessment to utilities and industrial high-voltage power users.

Analysis and diagnostics are carried out in an accredited laboratory.

Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges

Power Test Equipment

Partnering with DV Power, we supply an extensive portfolio of power test equipment ranging from Battery Resistance & Capacity Testers, Circuit Breaker & Transformer Testers, Tap Changer Analysers to Motor Testers.

All DV Power equipment carry a three year warranty.

Pressure Gauges

Underground Locating Equipment

In partnership with Radiodetection Ltd, we currently supply an extensive range of locators intended to precisely locate underground cables and marking of buried assets. This portfolio is complemented with a range of Cable Avoidance Tools to assist in avoiding cable hits whilst trenching and a range of Metal Locators facilitating the identification of buried metal infrastructures.

Power Supplies and Battery Charging Units

In partnership with Asian Electron, we supply a range of AC/DC Power Supply Units, DC/AC Inverters, DC/DC Converters, Battery Charging Units and Switchgear Tripping Battery Units customised to meet specific applications and requirements.

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