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The Telecom Industry has evolved tremendously, bringing substantial challenges and opportunities to network operators and service providers. We provide a portfolio of products and solutions to support the deployment, operations and maintenance of both wired and wireless networks and services.

Pressure Gauges

Ductile Manhole Frames & Covers

Together with R&B UK JT Ltd we are supplying a range of ductile manhole frames and covers of varying sizes suitable for pedestrian areas, carriageway roads and also areas with high wheel loads such as airports.

Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges

Ducts for Fibre Optic Cabling

In partnership with Knet of South Korea, we provide both underground and aerial microduct solutions for blown fibre applications. We also supply indoor duct solutions for deployment within business buildings and multi-dwelling units.

Pressure Gauges

Underground Infrastructure Locating Equipment

Partnering with Radiodetection Ltd, we supply an extensive portfolio of equipment intended to precisely locate underground telecom cables and ducts. These instruments help operators in ensuring minimum downtime during maintenance activities and also to avoid any cable damages during excavation works.

Mobile Network Products

We supply a range of products and solutions for both Indoor and Outdoor Mobile Networks to improve cellular coverage.

Copper Cables and Accessories

We supply a range of multi-pair cables, structured cables, patch panels, keystone jacks, network cabinets and patch leads.

Fibre Optic Cables and Accessories

We provide a range of indoor and outdoor fibre optic cables together with associated accessories such as joint splice closures, termination boxes, patch panels, patch cords and pigtails.

Cable TV Network Products

We supply a range of products and solutions for Cable TV Networks.


We are the exclusive distributors of JPL Headsets, providing both wired and wireless headsets. Thanks to the versatile Quick Disconnect Lead system, an extensive range of bottom leads are available ensuring compatibility of wired headsets to practically all types of desk phones.

Test Equipment

Partnering with Albedo Telecom of Spain we are able to provide a portfolio of testers ranging from handheld OTDRs (Optical time-domain reflectometers), Ethernet testers, Synchronisation Testers and VOIP Service Assurance Tools.

Fibre Blowing Machines 

By partnering with Jetting, we are able to provide a range of fibre blowing machines to pass fibre that range from 0.5mm up to 40mm through existing ducting by using compressed air.

Network Testing & Measurement Solutions

Cable TV Solutions

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