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Any country’s well-being and economical standing highly depends upon the efficient production and distribution of water. We provide a portfolio of tools, test equipment and instruments intended to implement and maintain water and waste water networks in a reliable and efficient manner.

Pressure Gauges

Underground Pipe Locators

We supply a range of precision underground pipe locators produced by Radiodetection Ltd, that accurately locate underground and buried ductile iron pipes. Underground pipe locators are used to trace faults and preventing pipes from getting damaged during excavation work.

A quick-to-use locator for underground plastic pipes is also available.

This range is complemented with Ground Penetrating Radar equipment, providing facilities to also trace and locate buried non-metallic infrastructure.

Pressure Gauges
Pressure Gauges

Buried Manhole Locators

We supply Radiodetection’s range of metallic locators to locate buried manhole covers and access points found under both tarmac and soil.

Pressure Gauges

Pipeline Integrity & Corrosion Control

Through our partnership with Radiodetection Ltd, we supply instruments to facilitate the verification of the integrity of buried pipes, by identifying and locating weaknesses in pipeline coatings.

Pipeline Inspection

Our portfolio of pipeline inspection systems, as offered by Radiodetection Ltd are based on pushrod and crawler systems, suitable for both commercial and industrial applications with a choice of intrinsically safe and explosion proof solutions.

Ductile Frames & Cover, Gullies and Gratings

Through our partnership with R&B UK JT Ltd (UK), we supply a range of round and rectangular ductile frames & covers, surface boxes, gullies and gratings suitable for both pedestrian and carriage way applications.

Level Meters, Flow Meters and Pressure Gauges

Through our partnership with SGM Lektra (Italy) we offer a variety of instruments for the measurement and control of level, flow and pressure of liquids in pipelines and open channel applications, aimed at supporting the requirements of industrial processes including the integrated water cycle.

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