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Power Equipment Condition Assessment


Transformer Condition Assessment


We provide, in collaboration with TJH2b, a comprehensive assessment of the state of power transformers through the analysis of the transformer insulating oil.

The Transformer Condition Assessment facilitates the understanding of the ageing status of transformers and the identification of any abnormal conditions. This is done through the identification and diagnosis of suspended and sedimented particles found in the transformer insulating oil. 

This service assists utility companies and users of power transformers to reduce failures, enhance reliability and improve load management.

The test program includes Dissolved Gas Analysis, Breakdown Voltage, Water Content, Acidity, Dielectric and Dissipation Factor and Resistivity, Cellulose Degradation Products (Furanic Compounds), Fiber Content and Corrosive Sulphur.

Tap Changer Condition Assessment


Jointly with TJH2b, we provide a service which assesses and evaluates the condition of Load Tap Changers (LTCs). Due to the frequent operations of load path components, LTCs experience significant wear and hence require a high level of maintenance to minimise failures.

Through TJH2b’s Tap Changer Activity Signature Analysis, maintenance staff are provided with an effective tool to identify and pinpoint problems at an early stage.

The process entails the sampling of the insulating fluid from the tank compartment of the LTC and analysed in the laboratory for dissolved gases and chemical and physical properties of particles.

Based on the LTC type, model and design, together with the resulting test data, a report is generated, supported with condition codes providing a comprehensive assessment of the status of the LTC with recommendations for future actions.

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