June 25, 2019 keith

Underground Locating Equipment


With our strategic partnership with Radiodetection Ltd., we are capable of supplying industry specific precision cable locators that facilitate the accurate location of underground power cables.


Radiodetection – RD7000PL


Model RD7000PL comes equipped with five active and two passive frequencies and is designed for use in dense infrastructures where excessive magnetic signals from high voltage power cables can be confusing and prevent the accurate location of the underground power cables. Equipped with Dynamic Overload Protection and Power Filters, where the former reduces the effect of interference and the latter establishes if a single large power signal comes from one source or from the presence of multiple cables.

A GPS-enabled version of this model is also available, enabling to automatically capture key location parameters every second, providing a comprehensive picture of individual locations and allowing assessment of usage patterns in the future.

Additionally, GPS captured data can be exported in multiple file formats, such as KML, for integration with external Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Radiodetection – RD8100


The RD7000PL is complemented with a more advanced cable locator, namely the RD8100, which contains a unique arrangement of five antennas allowing for an optimal and improved level of location precision. 

It is also equipped with a Current Direction Facility enabling the user to identify the required target amongst a number of congested services by applying a specialised CD signal from the induction transmitter.

The RD8100 comes equipped with a 4 kHz locate frequency designed for tracing high impedance lines such as twisted pair telecoms or street lighting.  This High Frequency Current Direction Facility is ideal to locate high impedance lines such as tracer wire and detectable tape.

The RD8100 locator can be combined with an accessory A-frame to identify and locate insulation sheath faults with an accuracy of 10cm.

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