June 25, 2019 keith

Ductile Manhole Frames & Covers


We have partnered with experienced and specialist manufacturer R&B UK JT Ltd. to supply an extensive range of Ductile Iron Manhole Frames and Covers.

Apart from standard design products, we can also supply customised ductile manhole frames and covers according to clients’ specifications and requirements to suit specific installation applications.

These ductile manhole frames and covers (standard and customised) are manufactured in accordance with the EN124 standard, covering all loading factors namely B125, C250, D400 and E600.

Designs include double triangular, slide out, hinged and unhinged covers.

This product range is complemented with a portfolio of duct access chambers manufactured from polypropylene, intended to replace concrete built chambers, in both footway and carriageways.

These chambers are available in a variety of sizes and support both EN124 B125 and D400 loadings.

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