June 25, 2019 keith

Ducts for Fibre Optic Cabling


We provide a range of microducts to install fibre optic networks using the blown fibre technique.

This range consists of underground, aerial and indoor ducts.

The underground microducts comprises of Thick Wall Duct which contains a thick inner tube allowing for direct burial applications such as micro trenching and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

Other direct bury duct solutions are available such as the Direct Bury Flat duct designed to fit vertically in micro trenches and a Direct Bury High Strength designed to withstand harsh environments with high crush resistance.

A Direct Bury Aluminium product is also available with the duct having an aluminium tape to prevent water ingress apart from being able to withstand external impacts and crush.

This Direct Bury portfolio is complemented with a range of Direct Install microducts designed to be installed in existing underground ducting in order to increase duct capacity. The Direct Install duct can be either blown or pulled inside such existing ducts, facilitating ease of installation.

We also provide both High Strength and Aluminium Tape (to prevent water ingress) versions of the Direct Install duct.

An Aerial Figure of 8, self-supporting duct is also available with varying capacities having both steel wire or FRP strength member.  This aerial solution facilitates the quick deployment of networks through the use of existing over ground and aerial facilities for the installation of ducts.

Indoor Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) for indoor installations is also available.

A number of associated accessories such as connectors, reducers, end caps, branch closures, etc. are available to enable the efficient building of an end-to-end microduct network for blown fibre deployment.

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