June 25, 2019 keith



We have been officially appointed by JPL Telecom as the official distributors of the JPL Headsets for Malta and Cyprus. They cover an extensive headset portfolio for both wired and wireless headsets.

The wired headset range covers three tiers of headsets, starting with an entry level home/office range, a mid-tier level office/contact centre range and a professional-tier level also for an office and contact centre environment. 

Each headset is designed to suit the needs of the individual and are comfortable for frequent and prolonged use. They deliver clear and crisp audio and come with noise cancelling technology that block external noise and ensure uninterrupted calls. 

With their patented Quick Disconnect feature, coupled with a vast range of bottom leads, each JPL headset can be interfaced with any brand and type of desk phone.  Headset models supporting a direct USB connection are also available.

The JPL headsets are tested and certified to seamlessly interoperate with the leading Unified Communications Platform suppliers, ensuring full compatibility with every VOIP (Voice Over IP) phone in the market.

A recent addition to the headset portfolio is a DECT wireless headset based on a versatile modular system. The base unit supports interconnection either via Bluetooth, USB or direct-wired connection, enabling interfacing with softphone applications, desk phones or mobile phones.

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