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Underground Infrastructure Locating Equipment


In collaboration with  Radiodetection Ltd., we supply industry-specific precision cable locators that facilitate the accurate location of underground telecom cables.


RD7000TL Model


The RD7000TL model comes equipped with seven active, three sonde and two passive frequencies. The high active frequencies are designed to locate high impedance multi-pair telecom cables and the sonde frequencies are intended to locate and trace underground ducts and conduits.

This model is equipped with Dynamic Overload Protection which reduces the effect of interference, while Power Filters can be used to establish if a single large power signal comes from one source or from the presence of multiple cables.

A GPS-enabled version of this model is also available, enabling it to automatically capture key locate parameters every second, providing a comprehensive picture of individual locates and allowing assessment of usage patterns in the future.

Additionally, GPS captured data can be exported in multiple file formats, such as KML, for integration with external Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

RD8100 Model


This model is complemented with a more advanced cable locator, the RD8100. It contains a unique arrangement of five antennas allowing for an optimal and improved level of locate precision. The telecom version of this model, the RD8100TL comes equipped with twenty-two active locate frequencies, four sonde frequencies and five passive mode frequencies.

It is also equipped with a Current Direction facility enabling you to identify your target amongst a number of congested services by applying a specialised CD signal from the induction transmitter.

The RD8100 is also equipped with a 4 kHz locate frequency designed for tracing high impedance lines such as twisted pair telecoms or street lighting.  This High Frequency Current Direction facility is ideal to locate high impedance lines such as tracer wire and detectable tape.

Cable Avoidance Tools


A comprehensive range of Cable Avoidance Tools are also available to assist operators in reducing the number of cable strikes when carrying out trenching or digging works. 

This range is based on the traditional C.A.T.4 locator and Genny 4 transmitter, with the latter providing a simultaneous dual-frequency signal output which facilitates the location of underground utilities such as telecoms and street lighting.

The Genny 4 is also equipped with a Signal Boost Function enabling the transmit signal to couple onto utilities better and hence signal travels further and deeper, helping with difficult locates.

We also supply the SuperCAT4+ range of locators and transmitters, which are based on the same model as the Genny 4 but use a selection of passive, sonde and active frequencies to target utility specific buried or underground assets.  In the case of the telecom industry, the SuperCAT4+ range is used with higher frequencies such as the 65kHz or the 131kHz to find well-insulated twisted pair telecom cables.

With the migration from copper to fibre optic cables, a situation could be reached in the near future whereby underground assets will be completely non-conductive rendering location to be difficult if not impossible.

For such instances, we provide Radiodetection’s innovative Ground Penetrating Radar systems, the RD1100 and RD1500 models.

Both models use the 250MHz ultra-wide band, specifically selected to facilitate effective utility location. Both models come equipped with an internal GPS and high-resolution touch screens, on-board Wifi and a USB port to facilitate connectivity and reporting.

Additionally, the RD1500 model allows users to create depth slices and review their locate path on screen while on site, and selectively enhance shallow/small, medium depth/size, or deep/large targets using the proprietary FrequenSee™ technology. 

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