June 25, 2019 keith

Pipeline Inspection


We provide Radiodetection’s extensive range of Pearpoint Pipeline Inspection products covering pipes that have diameters from 32mm up to 1500mm.

These pipeline inspection products come provided with advanced video inspection capabilities in even the most challenging conditions,  comprehensive reporting tools and a broad range of accessories. These products are excellent tools to carry out periodic inspections of drainage pipelines, identification of problems in pipes, surveying of newly installed or relined pipes.

The P350 Flexitrax crawler system provides simplicity of use and ease of transportation of a pushrod while delivering the functionality and performance associated with crawler systems. It features intuitive joystick controls and a remote-controlled power elevator.

The P350 is a durable, modular inspection system with a wide choice of options and accessories. It can be equipped with, a cost-effective manual cable drum or an advanced powered drum, three interchangeable cameras, two powerful crawlers and a wide choice of wheels, elevators and tyres optimised to suit the pipe network being surveyed The P350 is capable of inspecting pipes as narrow as 100mm all the way up to 1500mm.

Another pipeline inspection product is the P540c Flexiprobe System, it offers a convenient and portable pipe inspection solution for short-range pipe surveys and is ideal for use in wastewater systems found in commercial or residential properties to inspect pipes ranging from 100mm to 300mm in diameter.

It can be equipped with a range of rods suitable for any specific application together with three choices of ultra-tough high-resolution cameras.

The Flexiprobe P540c system is managed by a powerful and intuitive Controller, providing quick boot-up, intuitive user interface and a high-definition TFT screen, supporting both USB and WiFi connectivity enabling users to store and share reports.

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