June 25, 2019 keith

Underground Pipe Locators


Radiodetection RD7100DL and RD8100PDL Underground Pipe Locator


As part of our partnership with Radiodetection Ltd., we currently supply  two locators specifically optimised for the Water Industry in order to precisely locate underground pipes. These are the RD7100DL and RD8100PDL underground services locator kits.

The RD7100DL model is equipped with five locate and four sonde frequencies and can be used to trace and locate ductile iron pipes installed deep below the ground surface.

The RD7100DL is simple to use, offering a choice of locate modes and with its unique arrangement of five custom-built precision-ground antennae, it provides locate accuracy and repeatability.

The RD8100PDL model, builds on top of the RD7100DL model and provides increased locate precision and accuracy thanks to eighteen locate frequencies.

Both models can be optionally equipped with integrated GPS and usage-logging facilities to automatically capture important field locate parameters associated with geographical positioning data. This data can be exported in different file formats such as KML, enabling the integration of such data within Geographical Information Systems.

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